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Metaverse; it’s the next big thing

Metaverse; it’s the next big thing The metaverse is a concept being talked about as the next big thing by tech companies, marketers, and analysts. It’s attracting attention – and money – from some of of tech’s biggest names, such…

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9 Best Pet Insurance in 2021-2022

Pet insurance is health insurance for your pet. It cover (reimburses) the costs of treating unexpected injuries and illnesses. In general, most pet insurance plans will cover unexpected injuries/accidents, unexpected illnesses, surgery, medication, tests/diagnostics, and emergency care and exam fees.

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Tips On How To Balance Your Study and Work

Study and Work requires a bigger commitment compared to being only a regular full-time student. Studying while working gives you the confidence you need as you have financial control as a student. At the same time, the professional qualifications that you…

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